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95.000 liter water savings

Almost 95.000 liter of water can be saved yearly in a three- person household. That can be achieved very easily: Through the installation of ordinary economical devices in water taps, showers or cisterns you can save up to 40% of your water consumption. The advantage is that it will not cause any inconveniences for you. Luftblasen © Thomas Graf

These devices impede the flow of abundant water quantities. The installations of flow restrictors guarantee a steady and stable water flow with the outcome of a great amount of water.

Another option to save water is to measure the water capacity of the cistern which should not exceed the level of 6 liter as a flush level.

It is of great importance to conscientiously make use of water without having any waste of water:

Use the water which is consumed while mingling the correct temperature or warming up the water during the shower: Catch it in a container and apply it for tidying your household or watering the plants.

As another option to save water is the idea to install a thermostatic device at the end of the heating element by getting the temperature into the shower on time without losing water, time and energy.

Instead of doing the dishes at a steadily running water tap, you can catch the water in a bowl or sink in order to do the washing all at once and having used less water.

These basic measurements will bring you savings in terms of water, energy and costs!