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The Recommended Time to Shower to Conserve Water

While there are several products available, from low flow showerheads to shower flow controllers, that aim to reduce water use when taking a shower, there is no question that we remain the most important element of the equation.  It doesn’t matter how great a particular product is, if you decide to spend 20 minutes taking a shower, you’re going to be using excessive water!

The Average Time

Around the world, the average time most people say they spend in the shower is around seven and a half to eight minutes.  While that doesn’t sound too long, we have to think that some people might not be 100% honest when talking about the time they take to shower.

Of course, the volume of water used can vary wildly depending on whether someone is using an electric shower, a power shower, or has a low flow showerhead fitted to their appliance.

Electric showers and hydraulic showers with a low flow showerhead can use as little as six litres per minute, while a power shower comfortably uses double that.  Unfortunately, if you’re using a power shower, then you’re wasting water if you go any longer than two or three minutes.  Such a short space of time is probably unrealistic for taking a shower.

How long is the Ideal Shower?

The obvious way to answer this question is to say, “As short as possible.”  However, if you’re in the average camp and take a shower lasting seven or eight minutes, if you believe that is as quick as you can do it, where will your motivation be to save water and money?

For the best water savings, it is recommended that a shower takes no longer than five minutes, which should be more than enough time to wash, no matter if you have various elements incorporated into your shower routine; you can wash your face and body while conditioner is on your hair, for example.

Hitting the Target

Time yourself while you’re in the shower.  How long does it actually take you?  If you’re closer to five minutes than you thought, then you’ll only have to make a minor change, which will probably be ensuring you don’t just stand and soak at the end, which we all have a tendency to do at times.

If you’re taking nearer to the average time and beyond, then a shower timer with a five-minute alarm (four minute versions are also available, as well as ones where you can set your own limit) will help you meet your goals.

You’re wasting water if you shower for longer than five minutes; what can you do to bring down the time you spend in the shower and save significant water and money as a result?

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How Can AGUAFLUX Save You Money?

At AGUAFLUX, we’re passionate about water conservation and the impact we can all make on the planet by being positive about how we save water.  We also understand that from a consumer perspective, while many do care about the environment and share our passion for water savings, it is often far easier to motivate people by demonstrating the money savings that can be enjoyed instead.

Here are some examples of the ways in which AGUAFLUX can save you money.

Our Resources & Blog

You’re reading one of the reasons right now.  Our resources and blog sections are filled with advice and guidance related to initiatives that are easy to undertake in your home and at work, which will allow you to make huge water savings and decrease your bills at the same time.

We also take the opportunity to look at your garden, as well as the ways in which you use your essential household appliances, to give you every chance to save as much money as possible.

AGUAFLUX Bathroom Products

Your bathroom is probably responsible for the majority of water consumption in your home, and we have a range of products perfect for cutting your water usage in half, meaning lower water bills.  An added bonus that many don’t consider is the energy savings they make through needing to heat less water when using Agua Flux products.

We provide a range of easy to implement solutions for your bathroom, including low flow showerheads, shower flow controllers, wellness showers, and faucet aerators for your bathroom taps, helping you to cut your water consumption and bills by as much as 60%.

AGUAFLUX for the Kitchen

You can enjoy great savings with AGUAFLUX in the kitchen, too.  Our faucet aerators are again a great product to use, while we also provide nozzle sprayers that fit easily onto your taps, too, and will help to reduce your kitchen sink water consumption by as much as 50%.

Whether it is across your home, outside in your garden, or in your place of employment, AGUAFLUX is passionate about saving water and saving you as much money as possible.  Why not see how AGUAFLUX products can make a difference to your outlook and water bills, starting today?

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Water resources

Water is present on the earth in massive quantities, with the total of 1.4 billion cubic kilometers.  About 97% of it, however, is salt water and therefore undrinkable for us, humans. Only round 2.75% constitute fresh water, most of which in form of the Antarctic ice. Only a small fraction of 0.0001 percent of the total water on Earth (!) is easily accessible in rivers and lakes, in the soil and in the atmosphere. We owe this to the water cycle of the earth. Vadose water participated in the general circulation of the water.

This “ground water” comes from the upper soil layers. Vadose water is also known as infiltration water. It is the seeped rainwater. Magmatic (or fossil) water is the water coming from the heart of the earth. It is of original purity because it was never before atmospheric or surface water. It gets formed in magma chambers and has not participated in the general circulation of the water yet. Juvenile water comes from an enormous depth. (In certain circumstances many kilometers deep)

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The water cycle of the earth

All water reservoirs are related, they form the water cycle of the earth.  It allows fresh water to be produced of huge saltwater stocks of the oceans and thus ensures that the fresh water resources are constantly renewed. The water cycle is powered by the sun: solar radiation causes water from oceans, lakes and rivers, from soil and living creatures to evaporate. So it enters the atmosphere. The water vapor is distributed by the winds over the earth until it cools down somewhere, thereby it becomes liquid again, and finally it lands again in oceans, lakes, rivers and in the soil as precipitation (rain, snow or hail), and from here it reaches the living creatures. Some of the water seeps away and leads to regeneration of groundwater.

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Water is life, well being and vitality

Who uses regular sugar-containing drinks increases significantly his risk of getting obesity, diabetes and tooth decay.

The Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine indicates that water is the healthiest thirst quencher for children. In lemonade or cola are (well hidden) additional calories, which are inadvertently ingested. There are different opinion about the issue of water recovery. Some people think that devices with which the water should taste better than others are the greatest – some just think that this is energizing esoteric nonsense.

The goal of almost all vitalizing devices is to bring the household water in its natural state. The vital source of water is exposed to a lot of stress until it gets into our bodies. For example  radio and cell phone waves, power lines and pipe systems have negative impact on the quality of water. The consequences from the loss of energy and vitality and calcification are and bad taste. Energized water removes lime and has a balancing and restorative effect. Vital water tastes better, potted plants can grow better and keeps cut flowers fresh longer .

If you want to revive the tap water in your house, there are three different methods:
1. Turbulence: following the example of nature water is set in motion, like a mountain stream, which is mixed up by stones and slope
2.”Transmission” through crystals and precious stones such as rose quartz –
you have have to put the water into a water carafe
3. Magnetic fields are used, like you find  in the source water that is exposed for decades under the earth to the earth’s magnetic field

Once you decide to benefit from revitalized water, you should consider to compare carefully before purchasing a device!
Take a close look at systems that combine several, or all three modes of action and see if promised results can be archieved with it.
Have the vendor explain the functions of the device accurately to you and make sure that you get a guarantee a return of at least 6 months!
And last but not least: Try It! Because ultimately the water  should taste good, too!

water is life
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Worldwide problematic of water

Today the water issue causes debates between the diverse institutions of scientists, politicians and technical experts who are interested in the provision of drinking water in the future.

The necessity to reach a balanced hydraulic level which secures sufficient water supplies of the population will be achieved by a good organized basis. The handling or consumption of this natural and valuable resource will help to protect the environment.

It is recommended to accomplish little tasks by which you can help to save water. Gezeichnet © Hanseat

Examples are:

– Do not water your garden during longer periods of higher heat because it will simply vaporize.

– Make sure to use a fully loaded dishwasher and load it optimally according to the dishwasher´s manual.

– Using economical devices are essential for the use of water. Take a shower with flow restrictors and swivel sprayers.

– Make sure to have turned off the water tap while having your teeth brushed or your beard shaved.

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Benefits of Tap Aerators

Gradually with the increased needs of natural resources the scarcity of such resources is causing the biggest dilemma on earth. Particularly natural resource like water is becoming scarce. Today approximately nine hundred million people lack water and as a direct result forty five hundred children are dying every day. Keeping in mind this picture many companies are taking action. They are using advanced technology to prevent such dilemmas and many of them are now running successfully. To save fuel many of the automobile companies are making cars run by solar energy cars and also electric cars.

People who do not suffer from the shortage of water do not consider the dilemma. They use forty to fifty gallons of water for a long relaxing shower. Keeping this in mind some hardware companies are now manufacturing water saving tap aerators and water saving showers. The faucets of the tap aerators do not allow much water to come out of the tap. Apart from tap aerators these faucets can also be fitted in the shower to avoid more consumption of water.

Advantages of water saving tap aerators:

1. Water saving

The faucet of the aerators aids in saving water by approximately sixty percent. The aerator runs at two point five gallons per minute whereas the normal tap without aerators runs at five to six gallons per minute.

2. Saves energy

One can save water by using these aerators and by saving water he indirectly saves energy. Moreover, it also saves energy by diminishing the cost of heating water.

3. Filtering

Apart from saving water, with the use of tap aerators it also filters out the small debris in the water; and it can also be cleaned easily.

4. Enhances the pressure

The pressure in a normal faucet is generally low. Installing an aerator will increase the pressure of the tap or a shower, but the consumption of the water does not increase.

5. Easy to fit

These aerators can be easily fitted in any tap with the fitting kit provided by the company.

7. Prevent splashing

Fitting an aerator in the tap will prevent the splash of water by slowing down the flow.

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Water is one of the most important and essential goods for the development of some life forms. The reason can be found in its basic form. Thus, we need to protect water and use it carefully.

While in some defined areas of our planet millions of people die of the lack water during the droughts, the availability of water in the western world is barley appreciated. Due to the financial crisis and the struggle against climatic changes, which we are experiencing at present, we know now how to save water. It will not only allow us to save some Euro but we also will learn to protect our environment. Wasserperlen © Walter Christ

The basic water- saving advices as a concrete overview are:

1. Close the water tap while having your teeth brushed or your beard shaved. Also, close, if possible, the water tap while doing the dishes or washing yourself or try to close slightly the main water tap.

2. Installing swivel sprayers is the quickest, best-saving and easiest way of saving water and energy. It will save up to 50% of the water consumption. Furthermore, it is simultaneously less energy required. If you spend a little heated water, the consumption of energy will be automatically lesser, too.

This standardized swivel sprayer is useful for all brands of fittings. Usually, it is installed in kitchen fittings and bidets. The inside of swivel sprayers is resistant to corrosion and extends the life of water saving products.

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New technologies to save water

1. The reuse of the grey water

Over and over again, there is other information about how water can be reprocessed. This is the case of separate water conducts, for example, in order to accumulate the grey water which comes out of the shower and the sink. This water is caught in depots and undergoes a biological cleaning process. After that, it is available for the use in wc-cisterns, the garden watering or cleaning. By making use of this method, it can be saved astonishing 30-60% of the water consumption.

2. Water taps

There have been new technologies developed which are efficient in terms of saving water and water ecology:

Water taps which control the quantity of water: They limit the major flow of water. They are recommendable for public places. Their rate of saving water is 50%.

Water taps with a Push-Button: They are turned on by a button and they are turned off automatically after a certain time. Usually, an individual set up of the time interval is possible.

Water taps equipped with infrared sensors: They have an infrared function which is activated through close hand movements. Water will start running if hands are underneath the water tap, it will stop if hands are far from the water tap. The set up is done electronically. The rate of saving water is possible up to 80%.

3. Water saving devices

Devices which can be installed onto water taps or cisterns. Their costs are low and they have a high benefit considering the water economy. Besides, they are very easy to install.

4. Swivel sprayer

That is a device which mingles water with air. Water drops come out like pearls. It is proven that the rate of water savings is up to 40%.

5. Water saving shower heads or flow restrictors

These devices decrease the water quantity depending on the pressure. The rate of water savings is up to 60%.

6. Shower´s on-off switch for water quantity

Devices which interrupt the flow of water in the shower. These devices allow the person to soap himself without a non-stop running shower and continuous showering at a temperature set beforehand. Water savings are up to 40%.

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From ground water to original Eau de Cologne….

Once again this year, Cologne tourism presented from 09.-03.13.2011 at the International Tourism Exchange (ITB) in Berlin.
On this important travel trade fair, Cologne tourism presented the international trade visitors and private visitors Cologne as the “city of water
The Rhine river,the original Eau de Cologne & the Koelsch Beer and terms for waters that are strongly associated with Cologne.
You can explore the beautiful city from the water, on a boat trip on the Rhine river, visit the historic perfume house 4711, taste a Kolsch at a traditional brewery or take a bath in a state-approved medicinal water –  the city offers its visitors many attractions in 2011:

Rhein-River: Highlights on the water
The Romans appreciated the excellent location of Colonia on the water. Even today, many visitors use the river as a transport route into the city and enjoy the view of Cologne from the water.

Eau de Cologne: a fragrant water
Patrick Suskind describes in his novel “Perfume” the world of fragrances and the birth of the scent of Eau de Colgne. Farina and 4711 are the first brands of perfume water which Cologne has made ​​famous throughout the world.

Kölsch: brewed water and life
Kölsch is not just a beverage, it also reflects a sense of life-style. The Cologne dialect and the favorite drink of the residents are connected- it is the only language you can actually drink…
Spa: relax in the water
For relaxation you can find in Cologne a wide range of excellent swimming and spa pools. Feel comfortable and let your soulflow.

Please do not forget that water is a very precious commodity. Help save water by installing in your home modern water saving shower heads or flow regulators with water-saving features. Water saving can be very easy.

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