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Water Saving Game “Mission H2o”

Swinburne University and the savewater!® Alliance have teamed up to create the interactive resource following the success of water saving game, ‘Mission H20’.
James Marshall, Program Coordinator of Digital Media Design at Swinburne University, said the game was about creating real-world behavioural changes in Australian teenagers.
“The high production values of ‘Mission C02’ and use of humour makes the idea of sustainability fun,” Marshall said.
“‘Mission C02’ covers the top 70 energy and water saving ideas, giving teenagers practical tips they can use around the house. It makes the game empowering, instead of focusing on things they can’t change,” Marshall said.
The educational resource features seven characters, the ‘Carbon Tradies’, who guide players through a 3D home setting; saving water and energy, reducing waste and choosing efficient transport.
Through online play, users learn practical tips to assist them in conserving water and all resources in daily life.
The game is available to play online now at

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Everyone can be a winner with Water Saving Systems.

The lucky winners of Grand Prizes 4 and 5 in The Princess Margaret Home Lottery won’t just be scoring brand new houses, but eco-friendly ones as well. Both Milton  (Ontario) Canada homes — Hadfield 6B, the 2,639-sq.-ft., $580,000 Silver-certified home at 267 Dalgleish Garden; and Hadfield 2A, the 2,240-sq.-ft., $546,000 entry-level Energy Star home at 263 Dalgleish Garden — come not only with $20,000 in cash, but a host of earth-smart and energy-saving features that allow for more sustainable living. Auto sensors and low-flow aerators on faucets in the kitchen and bathrooms reduce water waste and can bring down your water bill by about 53%.

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Some ideas are just plain good ideas. This is surely one to excite!

Axe is encouraging Canadians to share a shower with “like-minded acquaintances” or “attractive strangers” on Earth Day (April 22) for a water-saving initiative that lives on Facebook.

The Unilever brand has partnered with WWF-Canada to launch an application at that allows users to invite their friends to join the cause, which the brand has termed “showerpooling” (like carpooling, but in the shower).

Have you asked a friend or friends for a shower?

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Green Diplomacy at its most basic level?

Embassies may not seem like the most promising candidates for going Green?
But many are receiving the coveted award, LEED (LEADERSHIP ENERGY and ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN) Last week, the U.S. ambassador to France was the host of a daylong conference on making American embassies greener.
Another important area is saving water. The U.S. Embassy in Bulgaria, for example, claims a 20 percent saving in water use when compared with a conventional building, through the use of smarter irrigation systems outside and more efficient water fixtures inside. The U.S. Embassy in London has had waterless urinals for years.

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The news regarding water is not all bad!

Twenty years ago, Los Angeles County responded to droughts with simple measures, such as requiring that when homes and commercial buildings are sold, they must install water and energy saving aerators, water-saving showers, toilets, and other plumbing. The result? Despite a 15% increase in the population, water use has remained unchanged. The message? There are great saving opportunities in the smarter use of water.

It is great to see that even 20 years ago there were already communities concerning about efficient water use. Hopefully there will be many more to follow!

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Up to 20 liters per minute – many faucets wasteful

Up to 20 liters of water flow through a conventional faucet and then wasted down the drain. Wasteful? And how does a consumer know which Aerator has been pre-installed in the faucet? Try this simple test. You will need a standard container. Turn the tap full on. Record the time it takes to fill the container. Enter the seconds it took to fill the container. Now Install a Water Saving Aerator, or commonly known as a Perlizador and repeat the test. It will become obvious how quickly the container is filled while using a normal aerator. The Water Saving Aerator can save up to 72%, they also save energy to heat less water and additionally reduces carbon emission. For user comfort they do not splash, no matter how fast you open the tap. Most important they are easy to install, no plumber is required. And how do they work? In simple layman terms: the water stream is mixed with air which creates a soft gentle flow. The result, thousands of litters of water and energy used to heat water is also saved.