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Faucet aerators can help you save up to 50% of your water use !

The main advantage of using the AGUAFLUX® is that the water will not splash. Hence, we will enjoy a splash-free soft flow by installing the aerator in your shower, your kitchen sink or any other faucet or tap. These aerators also possess a strainer made from stainless steel which is self-cleansing and hence the problem of washing and keeping the aerator clean does not arise . With the self-cleaning stainless steel sieves, the AGUAFLUX® water-saver aerators are long lasting and very low maintenance. There is a mixture of air and water through these faucets due to which there is a more gentler and more comfortable water flow coming out, which in turn helps to make proper use of water as it will be devoid of any splashing.

The AGUAFLUX® water saver faucet aerator is devised in such a way that it can be set-up on all kinds of water faucets. We possess a line of water saving aerators called “SECUR” which are specifically designed to prevent their theft. This “Secur” anti-theft aerator makes the aerators useful in public places and makes them effectively usable in hotel and catering business.

“Faucet aerators are going to be one of the key innovations in modern-day water saving techniques.”
– D.B. Johnson (retired professor & researcher on water replenishment techniques.)

Faucet aerators and tap aerators help in reducing the water consumption by over 50% when they are installed in the faucets and are used with proper care and attention. The usage of proper faucet aerators is very much a pre-requisite in the modern times where, due to excessive usage of water for household purposes, there are high water bills and environmental wastage.The product which comes to our rescue here are the faucet aerators.

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