Flow restrictors and regulators

Water saving with shower flow restrictors and regulators

Water Saving Shower Heads are becoming increasingly popular with people, all across the world. By regulating the water flow, these shower heads regulate the amount of guilt that is generated every time you have an extended time at the shower. Now, let us understand how it works:
People have always wished to spend additional time in the shower. This is more so the case during weekends. However, every time this occurrence is repeated they have guilt about the amount of water that they have used. Water, already in some scarcity at a lot of places of the world, is a precious commodity for the existence of the people. So, what do they do? There are two responses which are generally received; either people stop having long sessions in the bath or tend to ignore the problem at hand and enjoy their time in the shower.

That is where such AGUAFLUX® water regulatorscome into the picture. They regulate the amount of water which is pouring out of the showers, while making sure that the pleasure of shower is not compromised. They regulate, just slightly reduce the amount of water that is pouring out and through that process bring about some water saving. Not only this, it means that people can now spend longer hours in the shower, enjoying the water and relaxing their body after the tiredness of work.

Let us take an example. A Family (4 pers.) uses 500 litres of water every day. This water is used for washing utensils, clothes and the water used in the wash room for the daily chores as well as taking a bath. Now, all these activities are more related to the amount of time the water is on and less to do with the kind and amount of water flow.
While a drastic change in the water scheme will be clearly evident, if the water flow is cut down by 10%, which is not as big an amount, a saving of 50 litres will happen every day. This will translate into a saving of 1.500 litres per month and 18.000 litres every year. This is just for one family. Even if 100 families in a locality take up to water saving, through these products, a total saving of 1.800.000 litres will be accrued only for that particular locality.

Such AGUAFLUX® water saver are available in forms of showers and others. Therefore, while you are enjoying a pleasurable shower, you might be contributing to the environment by saving water, a commodity which is imperative to the world at this moment.