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Fresh water, thanks to “Paul”

More important then saving water: having fresh drinking water

The new water treatment plant weighs about 20 kg and risers. It is portable and can be worn well on the back. The water backpack PAUL (Portable Unit for Aqua Life Saving) is currently being tested in Indonesia and Haiti by “Terres des Hommes”.

The portable water purifier shall be used in developing countries and crisis areas with no possibilies of water saving. It can be used without power and great technical effort and recycles waste water up to 1200 liters a day. This quantity is sufficient for approximately 500 people.

Existing drinking water treatment plants need lots of energy and staff and also chemicals. Thus it often takes a very long time before they can really be put into operation.
PAUL easily work against it: It is equipped with a special filter membrane, which largely holds back viruses, bacteria and particles and lets  only the water through.
Izt is very simple to operate – there are 4 attached image descriptions meet on the backpack to explain the application.

Other advantages of the system are  the robust and mechanically simple design and the possible rapid transport. The backpacks can be stored ready to use and are therefore transported within a few hours into the mission area. This way you can get water to the people in a life-protective quality. Approximately 300 units of water purifier, “PAUL” are currently already in use.

Fresh water