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How to Keep Your AGUAFLUX Products in Working Condition

If you’re planning to spend money on our excellent water saving products, then you need to keep them in working condition and well looked after so that you enjoy the greatest possible water savings while seeing no difference in the way you shower or use the taps in your home.

Thankfully, looking after your AGUAFLUX water saving products is easy to do, and will ensure you keep them in working condition and enjoy years of water savings.

Ensure They’re Fitted Correctly

Many problems with new products begin when you buy them and fit them to an appliance without properly reading the instructions or guidelines that come with them.  All of our products are intuitive and easy to use, but we still supply you with instructions for how to use them so you’re not working blind.

Take the time to ensure you fit your shower head, nozzle, or flow aerator correctly, and you’ll be instantly enjoying excellent water and energy savings with 100% efficiency.

On-going Maintenance

Vinegar is most regularly cited as the liquid to use when you need to clean lime scale or other mineral deposits from a shower head or faucet aerator.  We’d recommend you follow this advice, although a lime-cleaning product will also do the job if you feel somewhat uneasy about soaking something in vinegar that you’re then going to stand under later!

Although ideally you’ll need to soak each part in your cleaning solution, this isn’t always possible.  If this is the case, then you should instead wrap a cloth saturated with vinegar or your cleaning solution around the product.

Added Checks

Also, you should use the cleaning process as an opportunity to ensure fittings haven’t become loose or your products or leaking, and buy any replacement parts, in the unlikely event that you need them, before refitting the shower head or aerator and using.  When you’ve finished cleaning, ensure you remove your chosen cleaning solution from your product by either thoroughly wiping or immersing in water.

AGUAFLUX water saving products are a great opportunity for you to help out the environment as well as save yourself a significant sum of money; taking the time to ensure your products are always in working condition will ensure you enjoy the greatest possible benefits.