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How to Use a Hose and Save Water

It is no coincidence that, during period of drought or other water shortages, hosepipe bans are usually the first thing put in place. However, such is the critical level of water availability around the world that you should be conscious of water usage every time you use your hosepipe anyway.  Here are some ideas that will help you use your hose and save as much water as possible.

Change Your Hose

One easy step to take is to buy a hose manufactured with water saving in mind.  We’ve all seen the neighbours with hosepipes that the local fire crew would find useful (we might have owned them ourselves, too), which look like they could fill a lake in a short space of time. Of course, you know you don’t really need it, so buy a modern hose manufactured with water savings in mind.

Buy a Hose Nozzle

You might not even need to replace the whole thing.  Take your hose along to the local DIY store or garden centre and you’ll likely find a wide range of hose nozzles that can reduce your usage.  While the products are different to what you’d see inside the home, the principle behind them is the same.  You can get low flow hose nozzles, aerating hose nozzles, and various other products that aim to cut your water usage dramatically. Your biggest challenge will be getting out of the thinking that you’re using less water, so need to spend double the time using the hose.  Clearly, this is counterproductive, and plants almost never need the excessive levels of water we provide for them anyway.

Change the Way You Hose

It is easy to get lost in the fun of using a hosepipe, which is why we regularly see people indiscriminately watering their whole garden without taking any care over where the water is actually going. The easiest way to save water and money on your bill is to take some care in what you’re doing.  Water the base of your plants, where they will soak up water, rather than covering your entire flowerbed or vegetable patch.  If you have a lawn, then you will need to use a water saving nozzle or even consider a sprinkler to reduce your water usage.

Stop Doing it Where Possible

Don’t use the hosepipe if you don’t need to.  One alternative is to collect rainwater in a water butt and then use a watering can.  Another option might be to look for plants that require little to water to survive; you can get bright and colourful plants that fit this category; you won’t need to have a garden of cacti! With water levels critical around the world, taking action around the biggest areas of water use in the home is more important than ever.  Think about what you can do to save water every time you use your hosepipe.