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How Can AGUAFLUX Save You Money?

At AGUAFLUX, we’re passionate about water conservation and the impact we can all make on the planet by being positive about how we save water.  We also understand that from a consumer perspective, while many do care about the environment and share our passion for water savings, it is often far easier to motivate people by demonstrating the money savings that can be enjoyed instead.

Here are some examples of the ways in which AGUAFLUX can save you money.

Our Resources & Blog

You’re reading one of the reasons right now.  Our resources and blog sections are filled with advice and guidance related to initiatives that are easy to undertake in your home and at work, which will allow you to make huge water savings and decrease your bills at the same time.

We also take the opportunity to look at your garden, as well as the ways in which you use your essential household appliances, to give you every chance to save as much money as possible.

AGUAFLUX Bathroom Products

Your bathroom is probably responsible for the majority of water consumption in your home, and we have a range of products perfect for cutting your water usage in half, meaning lower water bills.  An added bonus that many don’t consider is the energy savings they make through needing to heat less water when using Agua Flux products.

We provide a range of easy to implement solutions for your bathroom, including low flow showerheads, shower flow controllers, wellness showers, and faucet aerators for your bathroom taps, helping you to cut your water consumption and bills by as much as 60%.

AGUAFLUX for the Kitchen

You can enjoy great savings with AGUAFLUX in the kitchen, too.  Our faucet aerators are again a great product to use, while we also provide nozzle sprayers that fit easily onto your taps, too, and will help to reduce your kitchen sink water consumption by as much as 50%.

Whether it is across your home, outside in your garden, or in your place of employment, AGUAFLUX is passionate about saving water and saving you as much money as possible.  Why not see how AGUAFLUX products can make a difference to your outlook and water bills, starting today?

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Flow restrictors

Save water with flow restrictors!

It’s easy to save water: If you install the right accessories in your bathroom and toilet, you don´t have to worry about the next water bill.
According to statistics, 15 years ago every German has consumed 148 liters daily drinking water.
Today, together with Belgium, Germany is in the rear end in terms of water consumption in the developed world. Meanwhile, the Germans use 20 liters of drinking water less  from the tap. The main reason for our leading position in dealing with the precious liquid is the use of water-saving appliances and fixtures.
Especially in the bathroom, you can easily save water by installing flow restrictors and aerators. These appliances reduce water use in the shower and the sink without losing comfort. The water jets are just as strong. Only the water bill will show how effective these easy to assemble products are.

water saving flow reducer
Flow restrictors  are easy to install and not expencive. They are mounted as a ring-shaped
metal inserts at the outlet of the tap or at the shower head. Flow regulators reduce the output cross-section and thus the amount of the passing water.
Since the line pressure is relatively high, the use of a flow restrictor generally leads to no loss of comfort.  If the limiter is applied with an additional aerator, the water jet flow seems to be just as strong as usual.