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Water economy

Nowadays water economy is equivalent to environmental protection. Therefore, it is of importance to apply industrial products in every hydraulic installation of our buildings (accommodation, houses and commercial housings) which help you to save water and accomplish high demands of quality. Flow restrictors, faucet aerators and swivel sprayers are products which have been proven not only as useful for water savings but they have been approved, too, that they allow you to reduce 30- 60% of the water consumption. Djupvantnetsee in Norwegen © Roger Ramuz

It is recommendable to follow some advices concerning the matter of water saving. Economy of energy is at the same beneficial economy which entails the sustainability of the environment. These basic advices are:

– Revise all water tubes or pipes. In case, some of them are leaking, you should replace the pipe or gaskets. Check up the leaking sinks or wash basins, too.

– To keep an overall tidiness in the house such as cleaning up floors, walls and windows you need a bucket containing soapy water and one with clear water to rinse off soap residues. Of course, you need for watering plants or cleaning proceedings in the garden only clear water.

– The most important factor to save water is a KIT, e.g. restrictors or swivel sprayers as already recommended. The products which you will receive from us are very easy to install and will care of a low consumption of water.