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Mayor hotel chain reduces energy and water consumption

Saving water and energy in hotels
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After several years of intensive internal testing Hilton Worldwide presents results of the company’s internal environmental program “Light Stay”.
This program reduced  the water & energy consumption by 5 percent the CO2 emissions by 6 percent in all 1.300 participating hotels in the year 2009. The amount  of waste was reduced by 10 percent and  the water consumption by 2.4 percent.
In other words, these results are truly impressive: The energy saved is roughly equivalent to the annual consumption of 5,700 households, the  reduced CO2 emissions equals  the closure of 34 865 cars  and the saved water would fill more than 650 Olympic swimming pools.
The reduced energy and water consumption means an operating cost saving of approx. 29 million U.S. dollars (about 21 million €)

By the end of 201,1 all 3,50 Hilton Worldwide hotels will use the  Light-stay system
Sustainability in real life by saving energy and water consumption around the world-  reviewed at regular intervals and evaluated based on uniform standards.