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How to Keep Your AGUAFLUX Products in Working Condition

If you’re planning to spend money on our excellent water saving products, then you need to keep them in working condition and well looked after so that you enjoy the greatest possible water savings while seeing no difference in the way you shower or use the taps in your home.

Thankfully, looking after your AGUAFLUX water saving products is easy to do, and will ensure you keep them in working condition and enjoy years of water savings.

Ensure They’re Fitted Correctly

Many problems with new products begin when you buy them and fit them to an appliance without properly reading the instructions or guidelines that come with them.  All of our products are intuitive and easy to use, but we still supply you with instructions for how to use them so you’re not working blind.

Take the time to ensure you fit your shower head, nozzle, or flow aerator correctly, and you’ll be instantly enjoying excellent water and energy savings with 100% efficiency.

On-going Maintenance

Vinegar is most regularly cited as the liquid to use when you need to clean lime scale or other mineral deposits from a shower head or faucet aerator.  We’d recommend you follow this advice, although a lime-cleaning product will also do the job if you feel somewhat uneasy about soaking something in vinegar that you’re then going to stand under later!

Although ideally you’ll need to soak each part in your cleaning solution, this isn’t always possible.  If this is the case, then you should instead wrap a cloth saturated with vinegar or your cleaning solution around the product.

Added Checks

Also, you should use the cleaning process as an opportunity to ensure fittings haven’t become loose or your products or leaking, and buy any replacement parts, in the unlikely event that you need them, before refitting the shower head or aerator and using.  When you’ve finished cleaning, ensure you remove your chosen cleaning solution from your product by either thoroughly wiping or immersing in water.

AGUAFLUX water saving products are a great opportunity for you to help out the environment as well as save yourself a significant sum of money; taking the time to ensure your products are always in working condition will ensure you enjoy the greatest possible benefits.

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Water saving handshower

Conventional shower heads without water-saving technology consume an average of 18 liters of water per minute.
The installation of a flow-efficient shower head the water consumption can be reduced significantly. Our shower heads that come  in a flat, contemporary design , save by its much lower consumption of hot water per minute, ultimately more CO2 than a car produced in travelling a distance of one kilometer.

The water flow is reduced to 8 liters per minute. Our hand held showers with up to 78 jets and several types of shower jet functions  promise high comfort and are resistant to calcification. They only need minimal maintenance. You can choose between several functions such as rain shower, massage shower or a combination of both. Saving the environmentcan be fun! Technology with no loss of comfort-even long hair can be washed quickly and thoroughly!

Low flow handshower

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Water saving aerators

Aerators (or faucet aerators), which are screwed into the spout of the faucet, provide a uniform and splash-free waterflow. The water consumption is reduced by over 50% by the mixing soft air into water jet.
Thus, washing hands is not only enjoyable, but it also saves money significantly by reducing the flow rate.
The amount of water can be reduced quite easily by an faucet aerator without loss any of comfort, because air is added simply to the water. From a normal 12 to 15 liters per minute of water flow, limitedto only about 5 liters per minute . That means (depending on your rate) a possible saving of up to 100 € a year.
Such aerators are available in any hardware store, you can also buy them online.

faucet aerator
water saving aerator

If you don´t have a nice and even warterjet anymore, but spray in different directions, it is time to replace the aerator or the inside bets, since it will probably be calcified and / or very dirty.

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Faucet aerator

You can save up to 50% water from showering and washing your hands with a small part on the end of the tap!
A tiny nozzle ensures that the amount of water coming through the pipes – regardless of water pressure-  remains constant. Current models use  6-12 l of water per minute for the shower or faucet.  That is half of the usual amount and it also saves energy!

Flow restrictors are so efficient that the city of Basel (Switzerland), gave them away to its  20,000 residents for free.
These were their thoughts: A family of four saves up to 47 500 liters of water and 1950 kWh of energy per year. The entire city is saving bone billion liters of drinking water and 40 million kWh of energy per year by using flow reducers

The water saving faucet aerators mix tap water with air, so that the jet retains its full capacity with a reduced amount of water. You don´t need to sacrifice comfort- on the contrary, many users find this jet even more pleasant, because the air makes it softer.

Anybody can easily install a flow reducer by himself. You only need a wrench to loosen the connection or the shower hose from the tap.

Saving aerator

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Water saving in the hotel

If you want to reduce water consumption, sometimes even repair work wonders:
Vulnerabilities such as dripping faucets and shower heads or a leaking toilet flush should immediately leave the building technician.
One wasted drip per second wasts 6100 full liter per year. For hoteliers and restaurant owners, it is also recommended to replace old and worn fixtures with new ones, that are limiting the flow and there by save water. The comfort for the guest does not suffer.
Flow and watersaving showerheads or shower with built water flow restrictors can be bought relatively inexpensively.
In the selection of toilets you should be looking for a water-saving option.

The building technology offers significant savings:
Both washing machines and dishwashers should be run only as often as necessary and as completely filled. Make use of the available savings programs! This pays off in the medium term, even if it is necessary to purchase additional equipment in order to do less washes and still have always enough clean dishes and clothes at their disposal.

There is also saving potential in hot water. The hotel owner should set the hot water system so that  the taps do not exeed 60 degrees Celsius. Each degree must otherwise be cooled by additional cold water.
Waste heat from dishwashers, ovens, ventilation systems, cooking equipment and refrigeration systems can be used to heat water. This requires the installation of a heat recovery system, which saves and protects the environment.
Please help saving water!

watersaving for hotel owner
watersaving for hotel owner
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Water saving -made easy

More and more of the population are aware of how precious and important water is. Drinking water is the most important food that can not be replaced! It is also important for the environment!
Here are some tips:
• shower instead of taking baths: a bath uses about the same amount of water,  as 3 full showers
• When brushing your teeth turn off the water!  Don´t let the unused water  run for minutes  in the drain.
• dish-washing machines are more economical than hands-a dishwasher for 12 place settings needs about  19 l water. In the sink are  about 50 liters of water and almost twice the amount of electricity is needed to heat it. Ensure full utilization of the dishwasher!
• When purchasing new bathroom facilities ensure that they are equiped with water saving devices :
a toilet cistern with saving function or the installation of a stop device can save 50% of  water
• Left over water (eg, coffee machine), does not necessarily have to be poured in the
Drain. It can  still be used for watering the flowers.
• Appliances upgrade: watersaving showerheads can save as much as 50%
Flow restrictor: they reduce the amount of water flowing per minute without sacrificing comfort by 30-50%.

Remember: For a sixth of the world population, water is pure luxury! Please act resposible.

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Natural resource

Without doubt, water is one of the most valuable natural resources. The majority of our planet consists of water. 97% of the total water volume is saltwater and only 3% covers the rest which is available for the human consumption. Henceforth, we continuously have to pay attention, nowadays, to our water consumption and apply consequently its economy. By having easy methods, we can minimize great energy costs of stove or water consumption. The greatest energy or water spending places are bathroom and kitchen. We have to increase our attention to these places in order to recognize, along which routine and new customs, how we can improve the use and the reduction of water. Additionally to the change of our behavior, it is important to make use of new installations and more efficient fittings for water conducts, water taps and so on.

In the followings, we will give you some ideas for water saving measures within your own four walls:

In the bathroom:

– Pour your tooth mug with water when brushing your teeth. Only use the water of the mug to wet the tooth brush and rinsing instead of letting run the water tap for a long time.

– Take a shower with water saving shower heads and decrease the consumption to a half and more. Make use of a 6-liter cistern equipped with a gravity system.

In the kitchen:

– Turn on the dish washer only in the case when it is fully loaded with dishes. Moreover, it is worth it to substitute old electronic devices by new ecofriendly ones which have a lower energy and water consumption.

– You can wash your fruits and vegetables in a cup or a small bowl instead of washing them at a non-stop running water tap.

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Water economy

Nowadays water economy is equivalent to environmental protection. Therefore, it is of importance to apply industrial products in every hydraulic installation of our buildings (accommodation, houses and commercial housings) which help you to save water and accomplish high demands of quality. Flow restrictors, faucet aerators and swivel sprayers are products which have been proven not only as useful for water savings but they have been approved, too, that they allow you to reduce 30- 60% of the water consumption. Djupvantnetsee in Norwegen © Roger Ramuz

It is recommendable to follow some advices concerning the matter of water saving. Economy of energy is at the same beneficial economy which entails the sustainability of the environment. These basic advices are:

– Revise all water tubes or pipes. In case, some of them are leaking, you should replace the pipe or gaskets. Check up the leaking sinks or wash basins, too.

– To keep an overall tidiness in the house such as cleaning up floors, walls and windows you need a bucket containing soapy water and one with clear water to rinse off soap residues. Of course, you need for watering plants or cleaning proceedings in the garden only clear water.

– The most important factor to save water is a KIT, e.g. restrictors or swivel sprayers as already recommended. The products which you will receive from us are very easy to install and will care of a low consumption of water.