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Conventional Shower Heads vs. Water Saving Shower Heads

If you’re unsure of the differences between a conventional shower head and a water saving shower head, you’re potentially missing out on massive opportunities for saving water as well as money on your consumption and energy bills.

It is well known that the area of the home where many of us use the most water is the bathroom; this is particularly true if you have a large family or live in a shared home where four or five people are regularly taking showers or baths, for example.

While there’s little you can do to save water while having a bath, save for resolving to bathe in as little water as possible, a product as simple and cost effective as a water saving shower head can make a huge difference while showering.

About Conventional Shower Heads

These are widely seen on older shower models, but are also a common feature of power showers.  Although many countries around the world, including the United Kingdom and the United States, now have legislation restricting how much water flow a shower head allows, the limit is usually still significantly higher than what is actually necessary to enjoy a shower.

Therefore, even a modern conventional shower head that meets legislation is usually responsible for some level of over consumption of water.

Using Water Saving Shower Heads

Many companies, including ourselves, realised the huge opportunity there was for saving even more water in addition to what various governments have written into law.  A water saving shower head can reduce water usage by up to 60%, depending on where you live and the type of shower head you already have.

Our products reduce water flow through your shower to as little as 6.5litres per minute, but use a variety of techniques to ensure that you don’t feel as if you’re showering under a feeble dribble so that you don’t notice any difference in your shower experience.  In addition to the water savings, you’ll also reduce your heating bill massively as every shower you have means you’re only heating half the amount of water.

No Competition

If you’re able to use a water saving shower head, then doing so is a no-brainer.  If you have a modern electric shower, however, water flow is already controlled, so you don’t need such a product.  In fact, using one can damage your appliance and cost you a small fortune in repairing or replacing it.

If you’re using a hydraulic shower, however, then a water saving shower head represents a great opportunity to help the environment as well as your pocket.

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Save money with a water-saving showerhead!

Saving water in your home

Use a water-saving shower head to cut down on your water consumption when showering without having to give up on comfort. There are, however, huge differences in terms of consumption, price, and quality. A regular shower head uses about 16 liters of water per minute. Savings of up to 50% (water, energy, and hence, your money) are realistic. In our opinion, hand-held shower heads with a consumption of less than 8 liters per minute cease to offer a comfortable and desirable shower experience. They simply use too little water.  There is a limit as to how much you can reduce the water flow rate—there comes a point when you simply don’t get properly wet anymore … A water-saving shower head with multiple settings options (e.g., massage jet) certainly offers an ideal combination of saving water and having an exclusive shower experience.

In addition, there are water-saving shower heads with, e.g., “Fog”, “Massage”, “Soft”, „Rain/Soft” jet types. If you are looking for a “Rain” shower head please make sure to check that the shower head is 110mm in diameter or more. As a general rule, the larger the shower disc the softer and more comortable the water jet. Modern water-saving shower units are mostly very pleasing to the eye and now offer a shower experience very similar to that of hand-held shower heads.

water saver products
Water saving showers by AGUAFLUX®

To make sure your water-saving showerhead enjoys a long lifecycle, we recommend the following care: Never use abrasive cloths or detergents. You should also avoid the use of detergents containing solvents or acids, descaling agents, distilled white vinegar, and detergents with acetic acids. They all have corrosive properties—your shower head will get scratched and lose its shine. Simply use mild soap and a slightly wet cloth to polish your shower head. Then rinse and dry it. Drying your shower head after each use will avoid the buildup of limescale.

If you want to save water without replacing your existing shower head we recommend purchasing a flow restrictor. This upgrade product is screwed onto the shower hose at the water outlet. It is easy to fit and you can save a lot of water this way.

And finally, another, slightly less serious tip for saving water in your home—if you don’t shower alone, you can save at least another 50% of water and energy …

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Save the enviroment – save on water and energy

Almost every resident of Germany, is connected to public water supply –  luxury circumstances that are rarely noticed anymore…

It is striking that the price for drinking- and waste water has increased over the last fifteen years by almost half. During this period, in Germany the average bill rose from 115 € to 171 € per  year per household member. A family of four pays accordingly to that between 260 and almost 2000 €/year. Yet, the water consumption has declined eight liters a day (per person) over  the past fifteen years due to the high water prices and growing environmental consciousness.

Nevertheless, the germans still use about 125 liters of drinking water per day, of which we consume:

32%  for toilet flushing
30% for bathing and showering
14% for laundry
6% for cleaning (face, hands and teeth)
6% for washing dishes
4% to water for garden plants
3% for household cleaning
2% for car washing

Help us to save precious water! With an water saving aerator, you can reduce  water consumption and costs by 50%!  A savings aerator reduces the water flow – by the adding air to the jet the beam still  feels thick and soft. These aerators resist limescale and work for very long time.

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Water saving handshower

Conventional shower heads without water-saving technology consume an average of 18 liters of water per minute.
The installation of a flow-efficient shower head the water consumption can be reduced significantly. Our shower heads that come  in a flat, contemporary design , save by its much lower consumption of hot water per minute, ultimately more CO2 than a car produced in travelling a distance of one kilometer.

The water flow is reduced to 8 liters per minute. Our hand held showers with up to 78 jets and several types of shower jet functions  promise high comfort and are resistant to calcification. They only need minimal maintenance. You can choose between several functions such as rain shower, massage shower or a combination of both. Saving the environmentcan be fun! Technology with no loss of comfort-even long hair can be washed quickly and thoroughly!

Low flow handshower