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Water – one of the most valuable resources on our planet

The European Water- Directive (WRLL) came into force on 22.12.2000. It obligates the EU-states to protect it rivers,lakes and groundwater . The fundamental  target  is to archieve a  “good water” status  no later than in 2027 .

The protection of water resources should not be passed solely on the political level and industry-environmental awareness begins in basis! If every individual in the world is aware of its own budget, and acts reasonable, it can eventually add up to significant result!

So at this point, here some tips on how you can actively protect the environment:

  • Repair dripping faucets: one dripping tap is wasting  up to 5000 liters of water per year!
  • Use modern watersaver for the sanitary sector, such as a low preassure showerhead or new faucet aerator that save water by aeration
  • Recycled paper (paper towels, tissues, toilet paper): It takes less water to produce recycled paper  than for new (or colored) paper  Thus, at the same time forests and water resources are protected.
  • No chemicals down the drain: medicines, paints, inks, oils and solvents are hazardous waste, which can be dropped off at the chemical wasteboxes, it pollutes the groundwater!
  • use washing-powder depending of the hardness of your water (your water company can give you this information) overdosing washing-powder is unnecessary costing your money and damages the waters
  • Careful use of cleaning agents: use only small amounts, since they often contain environmentally harmful substances!
  • Environmentally friendly car wash: Use a professional car wash. They work with water treatment plants – the washing water can be used multiple times!
  • Raising ducks: no wild birds or fish feeding in stagnant water! By the discharge of nutrients, the water is turbid and uneatenffood ferments further in the water and deprives the fish life-giving oxygen!

Maybe you think by yourself of one or other indication of how the environment and our water resources can be protected?
The implementation of the WRRL is one of the greatest opportunities for protection water.

It must be strictly monitored and should not be overused by exceptions!

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Water saving -made easy

More and more of the population are aware of how precious and important water is. Drinking water is the most important food that can not be replaced! It is also important for the environment!
Here are some tips:
• shower instead of taking baths: a bath uses about the same amount of water,  as 3 full showers
• When brushing your teeth turn off the water!  Don´t let the unused water  run for minutes  in the drain.
• dish-washing machines are more economical than hands-a dishwasher for 12 place settings needs about  19 l water. In the sink are  about 50 liters of water and almost twice the amount of electricity is needed to heat it. Ensure full utilization of the dishwasher!
• When purchasing new bathroom facilities ensure that they are equiped with water saving devices :
a toilet cistern with saving function or the installation of a stop device can save 50% of  water
• Left over water (eg, coffee machine), does not necessarily have to be poured in the
Drain. It can  still be used for watering the flowers.
• Appliances upgrade: watersaving showerheads can save as much as 50%
Flow restrictor: they reduce the amount of water flowing per minute without sacrificing comfort by 30-50%.

Remember: For a sixth of the world population, water is pure luxury! Please act resposible.

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Water availability

The term water availability (from UNESCO also called freshwater resources) is the amount of fresh water a person can have  per year. Depending on the amount it is referred to as water shortages. Occasionally, even to water crisis.
In the European part of the world there is water in abundance. Whoever is thirsty needs only to turn up the faucet. Washing hands as often as you wish and splash if you like, you can be running the tub full.

It is difficult to imagine that there are droughts in other countries around the world and that  people have to suffer thirst and actually may never wash properly.
Many children around the world have to travel miles and miles of paths to fetch drinking water from the well.
Many people die, mostly children, as they have indeed ample water, but this is dirty.
Ca.6000 people (4000 children) die every day from diseases caused by contaminated drinking water.
They are every year 1.5 million children under age 5 die from diarrhea because they drink dirty water!
A third of the world’s population suffers from acute shortage of clean water.

The world community knows about this problem but it has not done enough in recent decades to change this situation.
Global warming experts have even warned against a worsening water shortages in poor countries.
Today there are more refugees in Africa because of water shortages, drought and climate change than by war and civil war.

Saving precious drinking water is beneficial for you and the environment! Start with the installation of a water saving faucet aerator, low pressure showerhead and flow restrictor and also review all seals regulary!

save water!
save water!
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Productivity of water

The lack of water, as a hydraulic problem, has become an economical matter to a major degree. Considering the fact that the demand of water is almost 90% in the agricultural sector as well as the industrial production, it is in fact a rare resource also in other economical areas of application.

It is important to consider that the lack of water also have an economical aspect because the characteristics for the generation of other means need to be maintained. Wasserstrahl © Thomas Graf

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Natural resource

Without doubt, water is one of the most valuable natural resources. The majority of our planet consists of water. 97% of the total water volume is saltwater and only 3% covers the rest which is available for the human consumption. Henceforth, we continuously have to pay attention, nowadays, to our water consumption and apply consequently its economy. By having easy methods, we can minimize great energy costs of stove or water consumption. The greatest energy or water spending places are bathroom and kitchen. We have to increase our attention to these places in order to recognize, along which routine and new customs, how we can improve the use and the reduction of water. Additionally to the change of our behavior, it is important to make use of new installations and more efficient fittings for water conducts, water taps and so on.

In the followings, we will give you some ideas for water saving measures within your own four walls:

In the bathroom:

– Pour your tooth mug with water when brushing your teeth. Only use the water of the mug to wet the tooth brush and rinsing instead of letting run the water tap for a long time.

– Take a shower with water saving shower heads and decrease the consumption to a half and more. Make use of a 6-liter cistern equipped with a gravity system.

In the kitchen:

– Turn on the dish washer only in the case when it is fully loaded with dishes. Moreover, it is worth it to substitute old electronic devices by new ecofriendly ones which have a lower energy and water consumption.

– You can wash your fruits and vegetables in a cup or a small bowl instead of washing them at a non-stop running water tap.

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Water saving installations

Water is a rare and needful good. Decreasing its consumption has become a challenge for every country. In particular, it affects countries which are encountering longer droughts due to the global warming. Thus, people provide themselves with gadgets which prevent a water waste at ordinary water consumption.

There are already some water saving devices and certain products for a moderate water consumption. The use of these devices will be rewarded in that moment when the consumer receives his utility bill.

These installations often keep up the water pressure or even increase it. They control the influx of the water in order to spend that much which is actually needed. In fact, big companies such as hotels, restaurants or gyms have already installed such devices: among them there are the most common influx restrictors, the so-called “economical” showers and other flow regulators for tap water.

Changing one´s own daily customs can be another key for saving water. A step-up is not to supervise the obvious losses in pipes, cisterns or water taps. It is also necessary to get informed about useful devices which are able to help our water economy:

Swivel sprayers:

They are coiled up inside the water tap. They produce water which is mingled with air. At the same time they maintain the same pressure or increase it in comparison to the conventional systems.

One-handle panels:

Replace conventional panels in order to have an easier checkup of the amount and temperature of the water.

Thermostatic bullets:

They are inserted into the water taps; consequently there is no replacement of the controls needed. They make it possible to get the required temperature of the water without having the water tap turned on for a long time.

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95.000 liter water savings

Almost 95.000 liter of water can be saved yearly in a three- person household. That can be achieved very easily: Through the installation of ordinary economical devices in water taps, showers or cisterns you can save up to 40% of your water consumption. The advantage is that it will not cause any inconveniences for you. Luftblasen © Thomas Graf

These devices impede the flow of abundant water quantities. The installations of flow restrictors guarantee a steady and stable water flow with the outcome of a great amount of water.

Another option to save water is to measure the water capacity of the cistern which should not exceed the level of 6 liter as a flush level.

It is of great importance to conscientiously make use of water without having any waste of water:

Use the water which is consumed while mingling the correct temperature or warming up the water during the shower: Catch it in a container and apply it for tidying your household or watering the plants.

As another option to save water is the idea to install a thermostatic device at the end of the heating element by getting the temperature into the shower on time without losing water, time and energy.

Instead of doing the dishes at a steadily running water tap, you can catch the water in a bowl or sink in order to do the washing all at once and having used less water.

These basic measurements will bring you savings in terms of water, energy and costs!

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Water economy

Nowadays water economy is equivalent to environmental protection. Therefore, it is of importance to apply industrial products in every hydraulic installation of our buildings (accommodation, houses and commercial housings) which help you to save water and accomplish high demands of quality. Flow restrictors, faucet aerators and swivel sprayers are products which have been proven not only as useful for water savings but they have been approved, too, that they allow you to reduce 30- 60% of the water consumption. Djupvantnetsee in Norwegen © Roger Ramuz

It is recommendable to follow some advices concerning the matter of water saving. Economy of energy is at the same beneficial economy which entails the sustainability of the environment. These basic advices are:

– Revise all water tubes or pipes. In case, some of them are leaking, you should replace the pipe or gaskets. Check up the leaking sinks or wash basins, too.

– To keep an overall tidiness in the house such as cleaning up floors, walls and windows you need a bucket containing soapy water and one with clear water to rinse off soap residues. Of course, you need for watering plants or cleaning proceedings in the garden only clear water.

– The most important factor to save water is a KIT, e.g. restrictors or swivel sprayers as already recommended. The products which you will receive from us are very easy to install and will care of a low consumption of water.

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Water economy UNESCO

Today water economy should be treated primarily in our daily routine of our life. UNESCO has set up the following internet platform as a direct access to information about sweet water which is consumable for humans. This platform informs about events of the programs which the UNESCO conducts in terms of drinking water. The website makes it possible to bring together interested people who can give their comments interactively in terms of the topic water and its related economy and problems. It is worth it to exchange information and ideas about this subject. There you can find other websites about organizations which dedicate to the subject water.

If you are interested in supporting this noble water saving task, you will get access to the website via: grüner planet © walter dannehl