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The Recommended Time to Shower to Conserve Water

While there are several products available, from low flow showerheads to shower flow controllers, that aim to reduce water use when taking a shower, there is no question that we remain the most important element of the equation.  It doesn’t matter how great a particular product is, if you decide to spend 20 minutes taking a shower, you’re going to be using excessive water!

The Average Time

Around the world, the average time most people say they spend in the shower is around seven and a half to eight minutes.  While that doesn’t sound too long, we have to think that some people might not be 100% honest when talking about the time they take to shower.

Of course, the volume of water used can vary wildly depending on whether someone is using an electric shower, a power shower, or has a low flow showerhead fitted to their appliance.

Electric showers and hydraulic showers with a low flow showerhead can use as little as six litres per minute, while a power shower comfortably uses double that.  Unfortunately, if you’re using a power shower, then you’re wasting water if you go any longer than two or three minutes.  Such a short space of time is probably unrealistic for taking a shower.

How long is the Ideal Shower?

The obvious way to answer this question is to say, “As short as possible.”  However, if you’re in the average camp and take a shower lasting seven or eight minutes, if you believe that is as quick as you can do it, where will your motivation be to save water and money?

For the best water savings, it is recommended that a shower takes no longer than five minutes, which should be more than enough time to wash, no matter if you have various elements incorporated into your shower routine; you can wash your face and body while conditioner is on your hair, for example.

Hitting the Target

Time yourself while you’re in the shower.  How long does it actually take you?  If you’re closer to five minutes than you thought, then you’ll only have to make a minor change, which will probably be ensuring you don’t just stand and soak at the end, which we all have a tendency to do at times.

If you’re taking nearer to the average time and beyond, then a shower timer with a five-minute alarm (four minute versions are also available, as well as ones where you can set your own limit) will help you meet your goals.

You’re wasting water if you shower for longer than five minutes; what can you do to bring down the time you spend in the shower and save significant water and money as a result?