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Top 10 Free Water Saving Devices

In addition to the excellent water saving products you can buy, water companies can often supply you with free devices that will help you reduce your bills.

Here is the top 10 water saving devices to ask your water company for, wherever you are in the world.

Save a Flush

This product does exactly what it suggests.  Save a Flush is a small bag, which expands when placed into your toilet cistern, reducing how much water you use each time you flush.


If you have an older toilet with a larger cistern, then Hippo is ideal for saving more water than Save a Flush, and can reduce your water usage from the toilet by as much as 25%.

Tap Inserts

Free aerators that fit into your taps can potentially save you well in excess of 10,000 litres each year, which will lead to a substantial saving on your water bill.  Tap inserts are easy to use, and once they’re in place they require almost no on-going maintenance to ensure they’re still in working order.  In the event you do have a problem with one of them, they are easy to replace.

Toilet Stickers

Most of us treat a leaking toilet innocuously, and assume it’s just the remainder of the last flush moving through the system.  However, a leaking toilet can potentially be costing you a small fortune each year.  A toilet sticker is easy to use; just stick it into your bowl overnight and ensure no one uses the toilet.  An intact sticker means your toilet is fine; if it’s gone, then you have a leak that needs fixing.

Hose Triggers

If you want to save water in the garden, but haven’t moved to using a watering can, a hose trigger is a great product for cutting down your consumption.  Not only does it reduce water flow, it switches off when you’re not using it, saving waste from leaving it lying around or heading back indoors to switch off the tap.

Low Flow Showerhead

Granted, you’ll be lucky to get such a product free, but as the old adage goes, if you don’t ask, you don’t get, and you might be surprised at what your water company can do for you!  A low flow showerhead will save thousands of litres of water per year and not take anything away from your shower experience.

Kitchen Spray Nozzle

This is another product often available if you ask for it, and if you don’t opt for the tap inserts in the kitchen, it is definitely something worth using.

Shower Flow Controller

A small device that allows you to continue using your existing showerhead, a flow controller can reduce water use by the same level as a low flow showerhead, which in turn will save a significant sum in water and energy bills.

Shower Timer

Having the best water saving devices only works if you’re committed to positive action yourself.  If you struggle to take a quick shower, a free timer that tells you when five minutes is up is an excellent motivating tool.

Tooth Timer

You should already be turning off the tap when brushing your teeth anyway; not only does a tooth timer reaffirm this message, it’s also a great way to get youngsters brushing their teeth for the required two minutes morning and night.

While you can purchase all of these products to enjoy great water savings, you can also source them free at various times.  Contact your water company or local authority now to see which products they’re able to provide.