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Water saving in the EU

Water consumption in the european countries

The average EU-household water consumption in liters per person/day:

Belgium 122
Germany 129
Denmark 136
Spain 145
UK 147
France 151
Finland 155
Poland 158
Austria 160
Netherlands 166
Luxembourg 170
Sweden 188
Italy 213

saving water at home

Especially in southern Europe, water is scarce, that for the EU wants to converse  all households on to flow restricting products.
Germany is with a consumption of 129 liters per person/day compared with the main EU countries, far ahead in saving water. But there is further potential savings by installing e.g. water saving tap aerator or watersaving showerheads. It is worthwhile to compare the prices of various vendors!
Another aspect for energy-saving: less needlessly heated water flows into the drain.