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Water saving

Water saving is nowadays synonymous with environment protection. It is therefore important to use industrial products in all hydraulic systems of our buildings (apartments, houses, industrial plants), which support water saving and stand to high quality standards. Water – flow restrictors, aerators, water saving shower devices or multi-function shower heads are products that have been proven not only to be useful for water saving, but it has even been confirmed that  water consumption  can be reduced by 30% to 60%.

It is advisable to follow a few pieces of advice on water saving. Energy-saving always constitutes economic frugality and entails environmental sustainability. The basic tips to this topic are: Check all water pipes. If they leak in any places, replace either them or the seals. Also check out the sinks and washbasins for any possible leaks. For the general tidiness in the house such as cleaning floors, walls and windows, you need a bucket with soapy water and one with clean water to rinse off the soap residue. For watering the plants and for cleaning work in the garden only plain water will be used, of course.

The most important factor in water saving is a KIT, such as Flow Restrictor or aerator, both of which we have already recommended. The products you receive from us are easy to install and provide low water consumption.