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Which Products offer the Best Water & Money Saving Options?

Saving water is something that we’re all being asked to do more of today. There are a number of alarming statistics relating to water use, all of which tell us that we should be more mindful about how we’re using water at home and at work. At the same time, we’ve been in this situation before with the environment, only carbon emissions and energy use was the point of focus at an earlier time.

Much like then, people didn’t listen too much to the warnings that centred on environmental issues. What they did listen to, however, was how much money they could save by turning off lights, being mindful of how often the heating is turned on, and undertaking various other steps.

In the same vein, people are likely to be more motivated to save water if they know how much money they’re going to save as a result. Here are the products that offer the best savings on both fronts.

Water Meter
A water meter isn’t going to save water by itself, but it can immediately reduce your bills by ensuring that you pay for what you’re using, rather than the estimate or fixed charge you currently get from your water supplier.
In the longer-term, having a water meter installed will make you more aware of the water you’re using, and will help motivate you to make savings wherever possible.

Low Flow Showerhead
A low flow, water saving showerhead can cut your water consumption while taking a shower by as much as 60%, depending on the model of shower you’re currently using. While this will translate into significant money savings, the biggest impact on your wallet will actually be the money you save from the energy needed to heat the water to take a shower!

If you’re using a low flow showerhead, it is worth buying yourself a shower timer, too, so that you’re taking shorter showers. Why have a low flow showerhead if you then aren’t mindful of the time it takes you to shower?

Faucet Aerators
Having these on your taps can cut your water consumption in half, and depending on the reasons you use your taps, give yet another saving on the energy bill. Again, to make the most of your savings here, you need to be practicing the established ‘good habits’ of not cleaning dishes under running water and turning off the tap when you brush your teeth.

A New Dishwasher
Dishwashers have been accused in the past of being water guzzlers, but modern products are designed to be as efficient as possible when it comes to water and energy use. The best ones even have a ‘half load’ feature, meaning if you’re guilty of potentially wasting water by not filling your dishwasher up before using, you still have a means of making a saving.

Water Butts
Water saving can happen outside of the home as much as inside. If you’re a keen gardener, then a water butt is an essential purchase. Not only will it massively reduce, perhaps even eliminate, the water you take from the supply, it’ll enable you to keep your garden looking brilliant through even the hottest summers when hosepipe bans are widely in place.
Use all of these products to save water and money; you’ll feel good about the environmental benefits and probably even better about the impact on your wallet!