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Water Saving Tips: How to Save Water in Your Home

The environmental agenda has focused on recycling as much as possible and reducing our carbon footprint in recent years.  While there is still work to do in those areas, awareness has reached such a level that attention can now be turned elsewhere.

Water is now the big focus; specifically what we can all do to save as much water as possible.  As with energy usage and carbon footprint reduction, there is great potential for money saving as well as feeling good about the difference you’re making to the environment.

Here are some handy water saving tips for around the home that you can action quickly, cutting your water use by as much as 60% in some areas.

Being Mindful of Water Use

The first step to take is to adapt your thinking towards water saving.  The little things that you’ve heard for years but perhaps not applied diligently or strictly enough really do add up to make a big difference.

Turning the tap off while brushing your teeth, making sure taps are fully turned off when not in use, and not using running water to clean dishes are all easy to action ideas, but ones that we might not always use.

Other things to consider in terms of how you use water yourself include dishwashers and washing machines, which you should only use when full; they use the same amount of water irrespective of if they’re full or only have one item inside!

Water Saving Products

Once you’re doing everything you can do, it is time to start looking at products that can save even more water for you.  The two areas where you can save a lot of water are the shower, and taps around your home.

Water Saving Showerheads

A water saving showerhead, or alternatively a low flow showerhead, can potentially reduce your water usage when showering by as much as 60%.  While you need to continue being mindful and ensure you only take short showers, one of these products will make a big hole in your water bill.

Tap Aerators

These products work similar to those in the shower, but are attached to taps instead, meaning when you wash your hands, for example, you feel like you’re using the same amount of water, but are actually making a big saving.

Toilet Pushes & Other Products

One thing for potentially huge savings, which many don’t consider, is the toilet, which can literally waste thousands of litres of water a month unnecessarily.  Buy a toilet push, or even fill a bottle with water and pebbles and put it in the water tank yourself, to massively reduce usage and bills.

The Added Benefit

As well as reducing water usage and bills around the home, you’ll also save large amounts of energy in heating water for showers and hand washing, given that you’ll be using, on average, half the volume of water.

Making water savings is important for everyone; ensure you’re doing all you can to make a difference, and you’ll see improvements in your bank balance as a result.