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Why Should Hotels Use Low Flow Showerheads?

Low flow showerheads are quickly becoming a ‘must have’ product for homeowners conscious about saving water, energy, and money. As with any initiative or product that has potential to bring great change to attitudes and the way we use the natural resources of Earth, the opportunity for savings grows when we turn our attention to businesses.

The hospitality industry is the perfect example of where businesses have huge potential for savings. Within hospitality, hotels would be the most specific place where using low flow showerheads, or other water saving products and initiatives, could make a difference.

Why should hotels use low flow showerheads?

Water Saving Potential

The volume of water a hotel could save by using a low flow showerhead is immense. If you consider that even a small hotel with 20 rooms, for example, uses a colossal amount of water when their guests shower, the savings for larger premises where room numbers are in the hundreds are clearly significant.

Although most hotel premises will have messages on bathroom doors and walls about being conscious of water saving, there is little to nothing they can do to actually control the level of water that guests use when staying. Clearly, fitting water metres to every room and billing guests beyond a certain volume of water use is going to be unpopular. Using low flow showerheads is the best way for hotels to reduce their water use proactively. Yes, some guests are still going to shower for 30 minutes, but those who stick to short showers will help to make a real difference.

Money Savings

The water savings of up to 50% that a hotel could enjoy by using low flow showerheads will also cut a large slice off water and energy bills. Water bill savings thanks to the lower volumes of water use, energy bill savings due to the lower levels of heating needed to heat the reduced levels of water being used.

This money can then be put into another part of the hotel like improving the guest experience, for example.

A Green Business

There’s a lot of mileage today in businesses that have strong green credentials. In fact, being a green business is a must; consumers and other businesses are increasingly making decisions regarding who they deal with based on their green credentials. A hotel using low flow showerheads can confidently say that they’re doing all they can, in terms of guests’ water use, to be as green and as eco-friendly as possible.

Low flow showerheads have many benefits. For hotels and the wider hospitality industry, it is a case of a great reputation and PR as much as it is about the water, energy, and money savings they’ll be able to make, although this is always the primary objective of using such a product.